Rules of operation of the refrigerator

Rules of operation of the refrigerator

The refrigerator is an integral part of kitchen use. This is the thing that keeps food fresh for a long time and thus saves our money and time.

Refrigerator, like any appliances in the house deserves attention and good attitude. If you do not adhere to certain rules of operation, then the refrigerator will consider it unnecessary to serve you for a long time. So catch a few basic rules that will prolong the life of your refrigerator.

1. The refrigerator must be placed away from the heaters and in such a way that direct sunlight does not fall on it. If you have an idea to make a heated floor, then when installing you need to take into account the location of the refrigerator and leave the floor area without heating.

2. There should be enough free space around the refrigerator so that the air can function freely and the compressor of the refrigerator does not overheat. It is recommended to leave at least 5 centimeters between the refrigerator and other surfaces.

3. If you have a modern refrigerator, then you should not worry about its periodic defrosting. Now all refrigerators do with automatic defrost function.

If you still have an old refrigerator that needs to be defrosted systematically, then in this case you need to follow certain rules. Defrost the refrigerator with the power off and the door open until it is completely defrosted. In no case do not put inside the dishes with hot water and do not help the ice to fall off with the help of any tools.

4. Inside the refrigerator, periodically need to be cleaned to remove excess food residue and prevent the appearance of a bad smell.

To do this, just take a rag and warm water. No chemical detergents can be used. After washing, wipe the refrigerator with a dry cloth and leave to dry completely.

5. If you do not want a persistent bad smell in the refrigerator, try to pack all products in containers or food wrap.

6. Do not allow excessive humidity in the refrigerator. To do this, all liquid and juicy products should be tightly packed.

7. If for a long time you will not use the refrigerator, it is better to leave all the doors open. This way the air inside the refrigerator will circulate and no bad smell will appear.

8. If you need to turn off the refrigerator from the outlet, then you should not immediately turn it back on. Wait about 7 minutes and then turn it on.

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