Can I eat chocolate while reading

Can I eat chocolate while reading

Dentists are actively telling us that sweets, in particular chocolate, have a bad effect on the state of our teeth, nutritionists insist that weight is easily and quickly gained from it, and some people also say that it is not recommended to eat while reading, because Nothing from the read will be remembered.
However, if you think well, then you can find the benefits of eating chocolate while reading. Here are some of them.

1. You can make a great bookmark for a book out of chocolate bar. But first you need to eat chocolate. And then you can cut the picture out of the pile, or twist it into a tube, make a rosette, a plane, a frog …

2. Chocolate has a positive effect on memory. Therefore, to combine the useful with the pleasant is always just a joy. Anything you don’t read will be remembered perfectly.

3. Chocolate can be a great reason to read or finally finish a boring book. So after reading a certain number of pages or after each chapter you read, encourage yourself to a piece of chocolate. So you will have a goal to read further and to the very end.
Even if you are currently reading a very interesting book, then at the end of this lesson you can just please yourself with chocolate.

4. Some scientists claim that chocolate smoothes the effect of direct sunlight on the skin. Therefore, if you are going to read on the street, besides sunscreen and hats, grab some more chocolate.

5. Another scientists say that chocolate improves eyesight, while reading spoils it. So the harmful effect can be immediately smoothed useful.

6. If the book describes the process of cooking or eating chocolate, the presence of chocolate in your hands will only decorate the process of perception. Such a homemade 5D reading.

7. Definitely chocolate improves mood. So, if you read a rather sad book, chocolate will help reduce your stress.

8. What else useful argument to think up ?! Eh! And what are the reasons for chocolate ???

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