How to fall asleep after watching a horror movie

How to fall asleep after watching a horror movie

It often happens that after watching a horror movie, sleep as a hand removes. And no matter how you make yourself fall asleep, nothing happens. Of course, the best advice, how not to frighten off a dream, is advice not to watch horror movies before dreams. But, if it so happened that you had no choice, or you just could not resist seeing the novelty, then here are some more ideas on how to attract sleep and stop being afraid.


Remind yourself that the film is not real and everything you see is a game of actors, steep scenery and an amazing work of make-up artists.
If after the movie there are snatches, how the film was shot, be sure to look at them. Often they contain funny moments when shooting a movie, which will not only distract you from what you saw, but also will amuse you.


Immediately after watching the horror film, watch a short video with jokes, an easy comedy or a good cartoon. The memory of the horrors from the film will disappear, but in the soul there will be a remnant only after the last video seen.


Read a few pages of a good book, or vice versa, very boring, in order to attract sleep more quickly.


Complete darkness engenders thoughts of the bad. Therefore, if you have a night light, be sure to turn it on. Or open the door to another room, where the light is still on.


Include light music that will distract you from the bad and calm you down. Try at this time to remember something good or to dream.


Never watch horror movies in the room where you are going to sleep. Bad thoughts and feelings will remain where they originated, and your bed will only be your hiding place.

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