Experienced traveler knows that in every country there may be problems and troubles that spoil not only the mood and / or personal effects, but the whole journey as a whole. Of course, we can not foresee all the nuances that can catch us on a trip, however, we can distinguish some of them. Solving many issues even before the trip, you will ensure a more relaxed and confident journey.

Before the trip, be sure to get acquainted with the place, in which you go, using the Internet. Read the forums, reviews. This will draw in your head a small picture of what you may encounter. So you can know in advance about the rules of the city, its inhabitants, dangerous places, transport, public institutions and much more.
Pay special attention to the culture and traditions of a particular country. The more you learn about the life of another people, the more comfortable you will have. And you will not have to blush for breaking their rules or principles.
Also, in advance, read about the individual places in the city that you want to visit. This will give you more information about the work schedule, admission fees, dress code, free visiting hours, the ability to take photo and video …
Book tickets and hotel in advance. This will protect you from a difficult road and spending the night in the street or in an inappropriate hotel for you.
In any trip, travel is better to take comfortable clothes and shoes that will not impede your movement. And it’s better if you have a shift. After all, you never know what weather will strike or what will happen to you.
Determine in advance the route of your trip, even up to the laying of the route of sightseeing. Knowing how and where to move, you will save time, which you can spend for the time of finding yourself or on the circles, wrapped around one and the same sights. Consider in this route the time for food and specify the means of transportation.
At least for a couple of days, start to prepare a suitcase for the trip. If you fold it in advance, then you will still have time to remember the missing things or replace one with another. Better yet, if you write down a list of everything you need, and then just delete items while folding the bag. Do not forget about the medicines that you may need. It is better to put a few pills with you, than then to run around in search of the nearest pharmacy. Just remember that some drugs need to be officially confirmed, they say, you really need them. To do this, it is better to have a conversation with your attending physician, who will write you a certificate.
Find out if there is a tourist map in the city where you are going. This card gives discounts on many places visited in the city, down to cafes and gyms. Some cards can be ordered on the sites, or you can buy at the railway station when you arrive in the city.
In our time, often rescues the navigator or maps, which can be viewed in the phone. However, from failures and lack of funds no one is immune. Therefore, it is not superfluous to print a paper version of the card, which does not take up much space in your bag.

If you are going on vacation, it is better to ask as early as possible, in which season it is better to go to this or that country. Otherwise, you may be caught, rainy, stuffy, cold … If you are traveling just for the weekend, then find out about the weather for the right date in advance to prepare suitable clothes and shoes.
If you want to save money on the trip, then to buy food and souvenirs, you better avoid the tourist spots. For their own, no prices, as a rule, do not overstate.
It is better to exchange currencies either at home or in places far from the stations. As a rule, at train stations the prices for currencies are overstated, in order to “rip off” more tourists.
In advance, find out (or already ask the local on arrival) which public transport goes to the city from the station. You can, of course, take a taxi, but it will cost you exorbitantly.
Be careful with personal things. Where there are tourists, there are thieves. Do not throw things unattended, hold them tightly in your hands, put a backpack better in advance … And it’s better to store money in several places so as not to stay without anything. If you have stolen a card, block the account.
Beforehand write down the numbers of the help services of the place you are going to. And be sure to write down the embassy number, which will help you even faster than the same police.

If you have your own tips on how to protect yourself from a problematic trip, you will be happy if you share it with everyone. Share your travel experience to help someone else in the future.

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