Doubt in the choice of your profession? Do you think that you were born to be someone else? Then this test is for you. Just one question – and your destiny will be revealed))
Answer: how much will be 2 x 2?


2. The answer depends on the units of measurement.

3. 120.

4.And what is the correct answer?

5. What are you talking about ?.

6.Exactly 4.

7.Someone 5 or 7.

8. What is the crazy question ?.

Explanation of answers

The result number will correspond to the number of your answer, that is, if the first answer is more suitable for you, then you should also read the result at number 1.

1. Teacher

2. The programmer

3. Chief Financial Officer

4. Accountant

5. Secretary-Referent

6. The Economist

7. The lawyer

8. The manager.

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