Cut Chrysanthemums

Cut Chrysanthemums

Alas, all the flowers that were cut and put in a bowl to decorate our lives, sooner or later wither. However, you can extend their lives with the help of small tricks. Such tricks can prolong the beauty and cut chrysanthemums. Here’s how to do it …
1. For a bouquet is best suited already blossom buds chrysanthemum, which should not be cut off, and break off. If you decide to break the bud that has not yet opened, then remember that it either does not open completely, or does not please with its beauty as if it did in natural conditions.

2. If someone has presented a bouquet of chrysanthemums to you, then you should also help him to live his days easier. If the bouquet was in a wrapper, then it should be removed. Release the bottom of the legs from the leaves, which will soon begin to deteriorate.

3. The chrysanthemum leg should be cut off a little and divided in half. Thus, the flower will absorb water better. And remember that for chrysanthemums a vase needs to be filled only up to half of the flower’s leg.

4. It is best for flowers to use clean water, which stood in the house for about a day and it was settled with salt.

5. For a longer period of time, small amounts of salt, potassium permanganate or aspirin, which are thrown into the water, can help.

6. Chrysanthemums – autumn-winter flowers that love the cold. Therefore, do not put a bouquet on the window, or near the battery.

7. Chrysanthemums are selfish flowers, not loving their colleagues. So do not put them in one vase with other colors. Let them know that you admire only them.

8. Water in the vase should be changed as often as possible, while cutting the ends of the stems.

9. If you need to transport a bouquet of flowers for a long time, they should be put in a cardboard box and placed away from sunlight and drafts.

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