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How to save on food

When the prices for utilities grow, the prices for food are also automatically raised. Alas, salaries and pensions, if they are rising at this time, it is clearly not enough to pay for its existence without problems. So sometimes you Read more…

Recreation and entertainment

How easier to restructure for work after the holidays

The most pleasant, but also the most painful, waiting for every working person is waiting for a vacation. Already a week before the holiday, all thoughts are only about rest, the sun and the sea, so the ability to work is reduced and the body is rebuilt to rest. However, it’s not so easy for us to reorganize back from rest to work, which affects our physical and emotional health after going to work. But this problem can be avoided if you hold on to a few tricky tips. (more…)

Recreation and entertainment

Can I eat chocolate while reading

Dentists are actively telling us that sweets, in particular chocolate, have a bad effect on the state of our teeth, nutritionists insist that weight is easily and quickly gained from it, and some people also say that it is not recommended to eat while reading, because Nothing from the read will be remembered. However, if you think well, then you can find the benefits of eating chocolate while reading. Here are some of them. (more…)

House and way of life

Rules of operation of the refrigerator

The refrigerator is an integral part of kitchen use. This is the thing that keeps food fresh for a long time and thus saves our money and time. Refrigerator, like any appliances in the house deserves attention and good attitude. If you do not adhere to certain rules of operation, then the refrigerator will consider it unnecessary to serve you for a long time. So catch a few basic rules that will prolong the life of your refrigerator. (more…)

House and way of life

How to clean table silver

Table silver looks very nice in the kitchen. However, over time it has the property of blackening. The reason for this may be increased humidity, and proximity to metals "enemies" and much more. You can clean silver products both with the help of special cleaning products, which can be purchased in the Internet or in a silver store, and with the help of improvised tools. If you do not want to spend time searching for a special tool, then here are some tips for how to restore the former glory to your table silver without leaving home. (more…)