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Istanbul over the weekend. Should I go?

The more advertised city is, the more we expect from it. And, as a result, we return home with sadness and disappointment. These emotions have gave us Istanbul. Yes, it's worth visiting to visit the paths where Roksolana was walking, to touch the cultural heritage of many different peoples with their unique traditions, to taste real Turkish delicacies and, of course, to visit between Asia and Europe, enjoying a walk along the Bosphorus. But every advertised place has its own drawbacks, which, as a rule, nobody mentions anywhere. And this is normal. After all, all of travel agency want people more and more to ask for tours, and no tourist wants friends to scoff at his failed trip. Therefore, all bad things remain on the sidelines. But we will talk about this ... (more…)


Istanbul for 2 days (approximate route)

In a month we will visit the city, in which many fall in love with the stories or photos of other people. We will walk along the streets, each brick of which has a centuries-old, multifaceted history, and different religions dance around the air, touching the hearts of even a passing guest of this amazing city. Just 4 weeks and we breathe in the captivating aroma of Turkish spices and delicacies, we will see the place where the two continents hold fast, and we will sail through the strait that protects this connection. Istanbul ... First tickets were bought, and only then the route plan for the city was drawn up. But it was necessary to do the opposite! ((After reading the video about this city in more detail, I now understand that there will be too few days for it, but we will try to invest in such a short time.) Here is my outline of the route ... (more…)

Сities of Ukraine

Travel Tips

Experienced traveler knows that in every country there may be problems and troubles that spoil not only the mood and / or personal effects, but the whole journey as a whole. Of course, we can not foresee all the nuances that can catch us on a trip, however, we can Read more…


Tourist route in Poland. Part Two: Katowice and Wroclaw

Further our prospective journey will continue in Katowice, famous for its stunning cuisine and a large number of museums that will not make us bored. And also get acquainted with the sights of the magnificent Wroclaw, which is famous for its bridges, charming nightlife, and magic dwarves. So, Katowice … Read more…