Stuffed toys for children – not just a means for an interesting pastime. This is your favorite toy, and the heroes of your favorite fairy tales, which are always there, and even your best friends. Soft toys always participate not only in the story-role games of the child, but also real life. Therefore, they get dirty very quickly, becoming a peddler of microbes and infections for children.
To stuffed toys as little harm as possible brought to your children, they need to be washed often. However, you need to adhere to some recommendations, so as not to send a friend of your child to the next world.

How to wash a stuffed toy by hand?

Before you start washing, be sure to read the recommendations on the tag.

Toys, stuffed with sawdust, and those on which sewn or glued a lot of details, it is best to wash by hand. To do this, use a soap solution from laundry soap or baby shampoo. Rub more soiled places. Then rinse thoroughly and hang in a well-ventilated area until completely dry.

Long fur of toys can be dried with a hair dryer with a not very hot air flow, stacking fur with a comb.

How to wash a stuffed toy in a washing machine?

Before you erase the toy, make sure that there is no mechanism inside.
Run a delicate mode by pouring powder to wash children’s clothes.
And for toys, and for washing machines it will be better if you put the toy before washing in a tissue bag.
Rinse the toy several times to be sure to wash off all the powder.
Squeeze the toy better by hand.

How to wash a large stuffed toy?

Large stuffed toys are very difficult to wash manually and in a washing machine.

Alternatively, you can  take out all the filler and wash the fur. Dry it well and refill with filler.

If you are afraid to spoil the toys, you can give them to dry cleaning.

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