Barcelona is a city that (without exaggerating) surprises with its beauty, its energy of everyone who visits it. It is a city that you want to enjoy without losing time for sleep and food. It’s a city in which you just want to stay forever! Already upon arrival, you begin to feel how Barcelona is the living room. Without any difficulty and obstacles, you find a subway, buy a ticket and rush to stay in a hotel. You come to the reception desk and then you are told: “” You can pay for the room at any time. At least on the last day of your stay. “And it becomes so nice in my heart that you were expected, trusted, and that you really are smiling from the heart.We lived in a very beautiful place of this city – Gothic Quarter. Here, every street, every balcony, every corner, every door – all the centuries-old passion. And I want to get around, take a closer look, touch … It is only necessary to see with my own eyes how the local decorate their balconies with flowers, adding to them even greater charm and beauty. That we all the time stumbled on the bridge, looking not at their feet, but on the sides.

But, as it is not surprising, even in other parts of the city the houses are built with a special chic. And you understand that local architects do not care about their city, that they do not just try to set up more houses, but want to leave it as delightful and insanely attracting tourists. Walking around the city, you just do not turn off the camera and take pictures, photograph … Everything is exquisite, painted, honed …

I do not know why, but we were more surprised by the residential neighborhoods of the city, the usual houses, than the creations of Gaudi. Yes, they are undoubtedly stunning, with their unique style, idea … But they are too overjoyed. You need to run around the whole city to find them, then wait for your turn in a few hours, and after spending a few minutes to inspect each of the creations, just get frustrated and go on to enjoy the rest of the city buildings.

Barcelona is undoubtedly a city of museums and historical monuments. We did not go to museums-we do not like this business much. But historical notes here come across often, whether you like it or not. Therefore, you can not even enjoy planning the history of the city and country.

Another place that we undoubtedly wanted to see is the Barceloneta beach. Since we visited Barcelona in the summer, we wanted to enjoy the sea in full. Finally, having set aside five days for a beach holiday, we went to the sea. What to say?! The sea in any part of the world will delight and delight. True, the water was still cold and we did not dare to swim. And they were surprised that on the whole beach there were no changeovers and pointers to them.

If you doubt to go to the local zoo or not, then better choose a positive answer. The main thing, go there in the morning: you and time will suffice in full, and the animals will be more active than in the evening. We went for four hours to close and in the end we were just running around the zoo to catch everyone.

Spend the evening in the Plaza of Spain. Here you will meet a stunning sunset and enjoy a musical and light fountain. Being here, it seems that all the energy of this city is collected here and it is here that you can feel the beating of his heart.

Overview points of the city you will not be difficult to find, so do not spend money to climb on some tower. The city can be enjoyed both from Mount Montjuic, and from Tibidabo Mountain, and even from the roof of a hypermarket near the Plaza of Spain, which was originally a place for bullfighting.

Well, where without the ham, paella, sangria and fruit. Paella can be eaten in the Boqueria market, but everything else is cheaper to buy in a supermarket, or a store, but away from tourist spots.

The only thing that upset in Barcelona was that local residents are very hard to find in a million crowd of tourists. And I wanted to listen to the Catalan language, to watch the behavior of the Catalans! ..

At the end of our stay in Barcelona, ​​we realized that we already madly fell in love with her and we did not want to leave there. Even in a month we are still under the impression of its amazing beauty, which prevents us from enjoying the other cities in which we travel.

So even if you have little money and you plan to visit only one city for life, let it be just Barcelona. It is worth it to see and die.

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