Everyone has heard of Hurghada: those who have already visited Egypt, and those who are just planning to go there, and those who simply know people who have visited this super tourist country. It is a city of huge hotels, “all inclusive” and, of course, the delightful beauty of the sea. But is this city so beautiful to spend your vacation on it ?!

For recreation in Hurghada, we chose one of the best seasons – autumn. At the end of October the weather is warm and cool: it’s kind of hot, but the breeze blows cool. At sea, you can swim hours from eight to six, when the twilight is already beginning to fall. But in the evening it is not always comfortable to be on the street without a warm jacket. And most importantly, there are very few tourists.

Already with the landing of the aircraft, we realized how unique this city is in its own way and charming. It is surrounded by deserts, small mountains, winding roads … Everything is so modest, quiet … And only from the sea flashes everyday variety, natural colors, a burst of human emotions.

On the way to the hotel, we had the opportunity to get to know the city. These are narrow streets where local residents live: modest houses, tired people, possibly people who are offended by life, and a light layer of garbage. These are wider streets and rows of shops with signs in Russian, aimed at tourists, wanting to buy a fur coat or something else “cheaper” than in their country. This is a huge number of hotels: built with uncontrolled scope, still unfinished, but already impressive for their architectural diversity, already abandoned and deserted. I do not know how others have, but we honestly did not have a desire to go to the city center and get to know Hurghada better.

The hotel itself (I will not advertise =))), in which we rested, is large, with a beautiful sandy lagoon on one side and a very beautiful sea with corals on the other side. We spent whole days walking around the hotel’s corners, changing places for swimming, diving to fish and corals – all that was enough to not be bored and enjoy vacation to the fullest. On the Egyptian “purity” I will keep silent, so as not to spoil the picture. But I will say that we were surprised at how reverently the Egyptians treat their duties and seek only praise from the tourists.

Eating was plenty. I will not say that everything was super-delicious, but nourishing and very edible. Pleased with the daily fish menu and, of course, cake and cakes.

We hit just on Halloween. And they were pleasantly surprised, as the hotel staff approached this topic. In the dining room tables were full of dishes decorated under the theme of the holiday, decorated with pumpkins met in every hall of the hotel, the entertainment program was also filled with awesome numbers. In general, they tried as best they could.

I do not want to talk about the sea. After all, as soon as you remember about its turquoise waters, you immediately have a desire to quit your job and go to Hurghada. The water is beautiful, affectionate, clean. Waves seem to be trying to outshine you. A fish and attract their attention. In a word, this sea conquered me so much that I even forgot about my fear of water.

And the sunrise here as if unearthly. Lighter, more tender … We deliberately woke up to meet the sun, and did not regret for a second.

So … My result is this: in Hurghada it’s worth to visit, at least once in my life. Yes, this is not a city in which you can walk the streets until night, take pictures of sights. But this is the city in which there is definitely a hotel for you, with such a set of services that you will be enough for the whole vacation. And the sea will be remembered even by the most sophisticated tourists.

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