On the day of the wedding, the newlyweds promise to be together in sorrow, and in joy, and in sickness, and in health. However, the truth of life is that fate presents a bunch of troubles, many of which can become irrevocable for the community’s cell.

Here are some of the problems that most and most often create a cracks in the family. Knowing about them and preparing morally for possible obstacles, you can overcome them and forget them as a terrible dream. Above all, believe and support each other.


Sooner or later the family replenishes with a small child. As soon as you learn about pregnancy, the world seems fine and you look forward to when you get to know the heir. However, as soon as the crumb breathes itself and gives a signal that already here, you will understand that not everything is so sweet.

Constant cries, lack of sleep, experiences – everything leaves a strong imprint on the personal life of parents. They spend less time together, each person’s personal life crashes, and many months they do not deal with sex.

Rescue circles in this situation can be:

grandmothers and grandfathers, who will happily sit with the child while you are alone with each other;

a nanny who will not only help with the child, but also with small domestic problems;

A separate room for a child and a baby monitor. Do not be afraid to separate from the child, he also needs to become independent. A baby monitor will always tell you what the child is doing at the moment.


Unfortunately, not every couple can have a child. And it’s not the fault of one of you, it’s just that life unfairly ordered. We live in an era of unclear diseases and polluted environment. What exactly served as a misfortune often can not even be said by a professor of medicine.

However, do not lower your hands and act. Address to the doctor, pass inspections.

If the doctor has put an end to your fertility, think about the possibility of taking a baby from an orphanage, where hundreds of children are waiting for loving parents and maternal warmth.

And remember that miracles happen. Many couples were told that it was useless to hope. And they still had a baby.


Alas, one can not be insured against the destruction of the family by third parties. If there is any tension in the family, coolness in the relationship, constant misunderstanding, then this can push any of the spouses to a more peaceful life in the arms of another person.

Each person has his own thinking and attitude to life. Someone can forgive treason, someone not. If the spouse was just a one-day obsession and he regrets it, then you can restore the family in time. However, if a person does not stop at one time and lives with you only because of the child or for some other reason, you need to dispel all hopes and accept that the family has long been destroyed. And we need to open the door to a new future separately from the former spouse.

Serious illness

Nobody is immune from disease. Often spouses, whose second half is very sick, are afraid of the situation in which they fell, and try to escape from it. Or, after a short time, they drop their hands and refuse to fight with their loved one.

In this case, the main thing is to talk heart to heart and confess your fears. Do not try to seem full of spirit and faith in tomorrow. Spill out your experiences and you and your half will become easier, you will understand each other better and become, respectively, closer.

Care for a sick parent

If one of the spouses needs to take care of the sick parent, then one must remember that even here it is necessary to think over the whole situation so that for the family there is time and care. After giving everything to the parent, you quickly end strength and you forget about the other people who are around.

Share your care at all, do not push anyone away, thinking that a person does not need care as much as someone who is sick. Everyone needs care and care, regardless of the situation.

Financial problems and unemployment

Problems with money are much easier than problems with health. Money can always be earned. The main thing is not to be afraid to work in any position and with any salary. After all, while you are working on a difficult and poorly paid work, you get at least some penny and have the opportunity to look for another job.

If you see that your spouse sits at home for a long time and does not try to settle down somewhere, do not always shout at him and press him, you just need to talk heart to heart. Most quickly, a person broke something inside when he lost his job the last time. And now you need to fix the broken part. With your support and faith in your spouse, he will be able to get back on his feet and achieve a better life.

If you complain about unemployment in the place where you live, then think about a new place of residence, where there will be much more opportunities for a better life.

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