A writer is a creative person who emotionally perceives everything that is happening around. Such people especially treat the gifts, as well as the process of donation, and to their adoption. Therefore, the main condition in choosing a gift for a writer is sincerity. Take the time to find the perfect gift, which, you think, will surely please the writer, and you will certainly receive in return appreciation and respect.
So what can you give a writer?

Coffee maker

Many writers work at home. Especially productive time for them – night. And not to fall asleep, you have to drink a lot of coffee.
If you give the writer a coffee machine, it will simplify the process of making coffee and save time for writing his masterpiece.
If he has a coffee machine, or you just feel sorry for money for such a cheap gift, you can buy, for example, coffee, a Turk, a cup, tea …

Board for marks

To quickly write down and store ideas, the writer needs a board. You can buy both a magnetic board and a wooden one. And on that, and on the other you can write with crayons or a marker. You can write ideas on the leaves and attach them to the board using buttons or magnets.
In addition, you can give crayons or markers of different colors, flags, sheets of paper …


When the notice board is far away, and an amazing idea has come to mind, which must be urgently saved, a pocket recorder will come to the rescue.


Naturally writers like to read a lot. Therefore a good book will always be an ideal gift. The main thing is to find out for sure which genre or writer the person most likes.

Subscription to the magazine

If you know exactly what subjects a person is fond of, you can give him a one-year subscription to a magazine with relevant topics.

Camera / Camcorder / DVR

Nowadays no one can do without fixing a case, an event, or any thing seen. Especially in this need creative people. For the writer, this is an opportunity to capture a moment when he had an idea and what prompted it. And a good opportunity to supplement your records with visual aids.
As an addition to the technique, you can donate a case, tripod, memory card, removable hard drive …

Table lamp

Proper lighting is very important for the writer’s work. A beautiful table lamp will also give more inspiration and aesthetic pleasure.

Working chair

Writers can sit for a long period of time at work. And an ergonomically correct chair can help prevent back and neck pain.

Computer and printer

Every writer needs a decent computer to do his job. Most people prefer a laptop that can be easily moved and transported at any time.
And your own printer will help you instantly transfer written to paper.
In addition to this, you can donate a mouse, keyboard, paper, ink, mouse pad …

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