Choosing a gift is always a difficult choice, especially if it is for a guy. Immediately, nothing can be invented. But, if you think a little, remember everything that concerns the guy, then you can come up with a lot of ideal gifts.

If you do not have time to think and a momentous event very soon, here are some ideas for a guy to give you a birthday present.

Brand clothing and accessories

Clothing with a known name can surprise not only the girl, but also the guy. Moreover, there are never enough t-shirts and shirts in his closet.

If you doubt the size of the guy, then you can stop on accessories. Belt, purse, watch, umbrella … Already the choice is not small.

Clothing (cup, pillow, mouse pad …) with branded logos

If a guy is a football fan, or you know exactly from which group he is crazy, you can order clothes or any other household item with branded logos or a photograph.

Tickets for a sporting event or concert

Continuing the topic, it’s worth remembering about tickets. If you know that soon there will be a football match, or a rock concert, you need to think about buying tickets. The main thing is to have at least two tickets. Otherwise, the guy will not be so interested in going there.

Quality headphones or mouse

Nowadays, almost every guy loves computer games. If the guy you are looking for presents also spends time doing such a thing, then he certainly will not give up a new, faster mouse, or from headphones, in which sounds seem real.


If a guy likes to spend time with friends and with a glass of delicious beer, then you can give him a beer set. For example, put several bottles of beer in a box or a bag, a set of snacks (fish, crackers, chips, nuts …) and decorate it with a big bow.

If the guy leads a healthy lifestyle, collect a set of fruits, juices and cereals.


Yes, the guys want to seem strong, courageous. But they like sweets as well as in childhood. Therefore, it is unlikely that someone will give up elite chocolate, a custom cake or assorted cookies.


Yes Yes. And let everyone laugh at this gift, but socks for a man – a thing you always need. Any woman knows that how many socks for men do not buy, soon again will have to go to the store. So a set of socks will always fit.

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