If you believe that dreams carry very important information and play a big role in our lives, then you should pay special attention to them. If you get a diary of dreams, then you systematize the memory of your dreams and be able to collect statistics, why, because of what and under what conditions they could dream you.

Here are some tips on how to maintain such a diary.


Find a suitable notepad or application for your phone.

Choosing a notebook, be based not only on the beauty of its cover, but also on functionality. If you are going to record dreams every day, then the layout of pages by dates will make life much easier for you. If you are going to write a lot and in detail, then the notebook should not be small. If you compare your dreams, then the notepad where the sheets are removed will be more practical.

To ensure that the pen or marker is always with you, put them in the spring of the notebook or cling to the cover. Also it can be tied for a string.
To sheets it is possible to paste sticky leaves to mark more important dreams.

When choosing an application, be based on the availability of a calendar, a convenient text editor and the ability to write an unlimited number of characters.


Leave a notebook in a prominent and accessible place. It is best to put it near the bedside table near the lamp. And when you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night, you will have a great opportunity to immediately record your sleep without getting out of bed.


If you have a notebook without dates, then write them in your own hand in advance, so as not to waste time on it as soon as you wake up. Otherwise, there is a risk of forgetting the dream while remembering the date.

Even better: leave the notepad open on the desired page in advance.


After each recorded sleep, select a new column and write down what feelings you experienced, what you thought, what new things were invented, etc. This will help in the future better analyze the dream, remembering it in detail.


Try to wake up yourself, without the help of sound signals. As a rule, any sounds scare, which contributes to a sudden forgetting of sleep.


Do not postpone the sleep record for later. Most quickly, after getting up from bed, you already do not remember what you dreamed of.


Let’s name the dream. Thus, you can quickly find a record in time.


Look at the dream book to find out how it interprets your dream. Write a laconic explanation into a notebook. Thus, in the evening you can check how accurately this explanation is correct.


If you go on vacation, or even just go to sleep with friends, then grab a notebook with you. So you do not miss a single important dream and write it down instantly.

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