Here are indispensable 10 products that will help increase your vitality and beauty. Add some of them to the diet and after a short time you will be convinced that they have become better in feeling, digestion has become easier, and energy for life has increased.1. Leafy green vegetables (arugula, spinach, green salad, dill, parsley, basil, sorrel …) and cereals. They have anti-inflammatory and tonic properties.

2. Olive oil. Ideal antioxidant, protects against cardiovascular diseases.

3. Cabbage, Brussels sprouts and broccoli. Extremely rich in vitamin C, beta-carotene. Contain antioxidants, which is ideal for preventing aging.

4. Oranges and tomatoes. The first are famous for their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the latter are an antioxidant with an amazing effect.

5. Tea. It contains polyphenols, which inhibit the development of tumor cells. Black or green tea protects cells from degeneration and is an excellent means for refreshing and rejuvenating.

6. Shiitake mushrooms. Contain vitamin D, as well as substances that regulate cholesterol better than any tablets. Mushrooms are richer in amino acids than soybeans, beans or corn.

7. Fatty fish. For example, sardines, catfish, salmon … Super rich in omega-3, have a noticeably antidepressant effect and are excellent fighters against cardiovascular diseases.

8. Nuts. Rich in protein, they also tend to dilute blood.

9. Yogurt with probiotics. It stimulates the immune system and has antitumor activity.

10. Soybeans. Improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

Remember, if you are allergic or intolerant to a particular product, it is better to stop using it and replace it with something else.

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