Scratches and scrapes – this is not a disaster for your leather boots. You can easily hide the scrapes in just a few minutes with the help of simple actions.

What will you need?

Cotton swab
Liquor for removing varnish or alcohol
Shoe polishing cream
Shoe brush.

What to do


Wipe the leather boots clean with a clean, dry terry towel. Pay special attention to the shabby areas. They need to be cleaned more thoroughly so that the cream is applied easily and smoothly.


Moisten cotton swab with nail polish remover or alcohol. Gently rub the abrasions with a cotton swab until they shrink or completely disappear. Dry your boots with a towel.


Apply a small amount of shoe polish to the abrasions in a circular motion with a lint-free towel. Blot excess cream with a cloth and allow to dry. After drying, polish this area with a soft brush.

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