Raspberry lemonade – a very tasty drink that will not only refresh you on a hot day, but also in the body of nutrients. Preparation of lemonade does not take much time, so it can be cooked every day.

What will you need?

raspberry (fresh or frozen)
juice from two lemons
sugar or honey to taste
2 liters of filtered water.

How to cook

Rinse the raspberries under running water and put them in a saucepan. Apply a little pressure.

Turn on the stove on a slow fire and wait for the berries to let the juice (it will take about 10 minutes).

Turn off the stove and let the juice cool down.

Extrude the juice from two lemons in a pitcher for lemonade. It is desirable to throw out bones.

Strain the juice from raspberry through a cheesecloth or sieve.

Pour the raspberry juice into a jug with lemon juice. Add sugar or honey and mix until dissolved. Add water.

Adjust the amount of ingredients to your liking.

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