We all know that the washing machine and iron do not have a very favorable effect on wool clothing. Wash such things you need in a delicate mode, ironing – only at low temperatures. However, it is not always possible to stroke a thing of wool. If the iron does not help, or it just was not at hand, then you can upgrade your woolen clothes with one easy and simple trick.

What you need

Tremel for clothes

What to do?


Hang a woolen sweater (or other piece of clothing) on ​​the trembler.


Close all doors and windows in your bathroom. Take a hot shower or hot bath. The goal is to fill the bathroom with steam. If you do not feel the need to bathe at the moment, you can just open the hot water and wait until the bath is filled with steam.


Hang a woolen sweater in the bathroom. Ideally, it should not touch anything, as this can reduce the impact of steam.


When the steam dissipates, take the sweater. He should now look fresh and not crumpled.


Smooth woolen things only in Wool and with the help of a pair. It is advisable to turn the clothes inside out so as not to spoil the thing, and the effect was better.

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