On what only people do not go to raise their self-esteem. However, not everyone has enough spirit for this, because they think that this is very difficult and requires a lot of effort.

We offer you some interesting ways to raise your self-esteem not only in your eyes, but also in the eyes of those around you, easily and at ease, which even the most desperate person will be capable of.

1 Surround yourself with new flavors

Several scientific studies have actually confirmed that a correctly selected odor increases by 90% the confidence of its carrier. And this applies to those smells that you use, and not the people around you. If you like the smell and you feel good, when you inhale it, then you have correctly picked it up.

Women who regularly use their favorite fragrance, feel more attractive and confident. If you use a long enough one and the same scent, try replacing it with another one. A new fragrance can have the same pleasant effect as when buying new things or changing the appearance. The choice of it entirely depends on your taste.

2 Take photos

Do selfie, take pictures of family and friends, nature, buildings and everything that, during the day, brought you a drop of joy or even happiness. It will not be difficult to just press the shutter button in your phone or camera to capture moments of inspiration and peace. Leave the photo just in the phone or share your joyful experiences with others on social networks. And after a while, look through them. And you will understand how much good things are happening to you. How many pleasant moments decorate your life. This will undoubtedly raise the level of your pride for yourself, which, consequently, will increase your self-esteem.

3 Keep Posture

The position of your body plays a big role in raising self-esteem. Just get up, spread your legs slightly, straighten your back, lift your head up, hands to the sides or to the hips. Keep this position for two minutes. This pose increases the level of testosterone and cortisol (a lower stress hormone). This pose not only lifts your spirits, but also soothes in nervous situations.

4 Travel

Travel yourself or with one person dear to you. This will allow you to relax from the permanent people and places, think about your life and just breathe in an easy, not burdened by everyday air problems of another city or country. Walk, enjoy the views, meet new people. Go where you have long dreamed. After that, you will be even more enthusiastic about yourself and the fact that you yourself have been able to do this pleasant journey.

5 Play games.

On your choice desktop, role, didactic, even children’s games. The main thing is to play in a pleasant place, in the open air, with nice people and without using any gadgets. Small victories will lead to great self-confidence.

6 Think of a talisman for yourself

If you have a shirt in which you have successfully passed the exam, got a job or something, it’s worth keeping it safe. If you were given a statuette for happiness, it is more often to dust it off. Even such naive things can help you to be more confident and purposeful. And in this there is nothing shameful.

7 Do something for the first time

Each person for years conceals within himself some desire that can make him happy, but it seems like he can wait. Do not wait any longer! Do it! Want to learn English – sign up for courses! Want to jump with a parachute – call the flying club and arrange a date! Want to try black caviar – do not spare money! The main thing is, do not postpone for tomorrow. Better do today, and tomorrow you will be proud of your action.

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