Animals, like people, live their life cycle and go into the sunset. Your dog’s aging needs to be respected as much as human. After all, it also becomes weaker than the body, the reflexes fail, the nose, sight, and hearing deteriorate … Realizing this, you are already making the beloved pet’s old age not so sad.

Here are a few more ways to make the dog’s aging more comfortable.

1. Well-trimmed nails

When patients or tired joints and bones, the dog is very difficult to move, and even with long nails. Short nails will help the pet to balance its weight and reduce the load on the painful areas during movement.

2. Attention, massage

You can alleviate muscle spasms and tension with the help of light strokes. Especially helps when you stroke the paws with long and short strokes. Never massage swollen joints or painful areas of your pet. Therefore, be attentive to his feelings.

3. Weight Control

Maintaining a healthy weight for your elderly dog ​​can be a problem. Her metabolism has slowed down, and she does not consume playful energy, as the puppy. Nevertheless, a slender dog will experience light movements, less pressure on painful joints, and provide more energy.

4. Comfortable bed

An elderly dog ​​needs a comfortable place to sleep. A flexible bed will not put pressure on the joints of your pet, but, conversely, adjust to the position of the animal’s body, providing a calm and painless sleep. Also the bed should not interfere with any position of the pet.

5. Without pressure

Be patient with the dog, giving orders. Due to joints and muscle tissue, the dog can not react to orders as before.

6. Eye health

A mature dog may have vision problems. This you can notice by how hard it gets to a bowl of food or hooks items. If you notice a change in the eyeball of the pet, then you should contact the veterinarian.

7. Respect for deafness

If your dog does not come, when you call her, maybe she loses her hearing. Even with deafness your pet can hear footsteps, clapping hands, whistle. Try to communicate with the dog face to face and never sneak up to her, so as not to scare.

8. Covering slippery surfaces

If you cover all the slippery surfaces on which the dog walks, then it will be easier for her to move, which will reduce the level of tenderness of the joints.

9. Exercises

Moderate physical exercises support muscle mass and joint health. Your pet needs physical activity, but just as much as he can endure. Do not make him do more.

10. Calm down

Old dogs are difficult to bear noise and vigorous activity around. Therefore, it is worth to allocate them a corner away from children, the sidewalk and other things.

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