Recently, I sat on the Ukrainian TV series. Not because I support the domestic manufacturer, but because I have to look more and nothing more. American films and serials are overcrowded with pornography and cruelty, Russian – in general some kind of delirious stupid. But in Ukrainian there was a unique in our time zest …

For a week I watched 6 Ukrainian TV series and two films. I watched all in one breath and with irresistible delight. Maybe the overall quality of the product is still slightly and weakly, but in general magically attracts and does not let go until the last credits.

And all because in them there are practically no erotic scenes and indicative violence. That even the usual kisses are so rare that you really are waiting for them and experiencing this event along with the heroes. After all, in serials with a constant kissing, the first kiss of heroes turns into something immemorial, empty, quick-forgetting. So then in life: kisses – an empty place, and forward to distribute them to the left and to the right.

I always wondered why the serials and films show how to prepare for violent actions, how to do it correctly, how to cover up the tracks after yourself … And scenes with a detailed description of dismemberment, rape, torture in general “kill.” But after all, this brings up future generations who will rule the world after us.

I, as it is possible, the future mother often think about how my children will be brought up, what they will see around themselves, with what people to communicate. And often it becomes scary. The world is filled not with culture, etiquette, high art, but with sex, cruelty, anger, addiction to the forbidden and unlawful. And from the TV screens for a long time, censorship disappeared.

I bow to the creators of Ukrainian TV series. Thank you very much for the hours of really pleasant viewing, for serials, with which you can fill with gentle, kind, light emotions that inspire, and do not suppress! Thank you for using your products to help children learn ordinary human relationships, not the kamasutra postures or the proper drug taking! Thanks just for the fact that they gave a small portion of positive emotions, which in our time is already not enough!

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