Quite recently, on the significant day for Ukraine – Independence Day, the dream of my life came true – I visited a concert of the group of the Ocean of Elsa. No words are enough to describe the full scale of human emotions that have been in the air for four hours.

You do not need to talk about the concert of this band, it’s worth to visit it yourself. However, I want to throw out everything that so warms.

Of course, like before any other concert, the wait was long and tedious. It was already impossible to stand on your feet (you can not sit down-there was a crush all around), you wanted to drink (and you could not carry yourself with you), your head was spinning from time to time. It seemed that staying half the concert would be simply unrealistic …

But as soon as the soloist’s foot stepped onto the stage, a charge of vivacity and energy covered everyone. I wanted to breathe even deeper, jump even higher and sing, sing, sing in unison with Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, with the thirty thousandth stadium, with all Ukraine.

My admiration for Vakarchuk became simply unrealistic, when, finally, not through the prism of the screen, I saw how real and sincere this person is. No performer is so unfamiliar on stage for the sake of people who came to him, not one of them lives so much with his music that Svyatoslav, no doubt, pours from the depths of the soul, no one puts into the words of songs so many real and sincere feelings that goosebumps.

It’s a band whose songs make you live, love, create and act. And every word passes not only through the ears, but also through the heart. And it starts to beat in time with the music … And the love for peace, for its country, for its people grows stronger in it. And faith in the future revives. And the forces are born for a new struggle …

Unfortunately, we did not survive until the end of the concert (hurried to the plane to fly to a new dream) and did not sing together with all the main musical product of the country. But the wave of patriotism that covered us while we were at the concert was enough to make us live with new breath, with new strength, with new aspirations and with a more exalted mood.

The music of the Elsa Ocean is not just a set of notes and words, but a whole story, a life lesson that guides people’s consciousness into the right, patriotic channel. Listen to it and “Everything will be good for us!”

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