In a month we will visit the city, in which many fall in love with the stories or photos of other people. We will walk along the streets, each brick of which has a centuries-old, multifaceted history, and different religions dance around the air, touching the hearts of even a passing guest of this amazing city. Just 4 weeks and we breathe in the captivating aroma of Turkish spices and delicacies, we will see the place where the two continents hold fast, and we will sail through the strait that protects this connection.

Istanbul … First tickets were bought, and only then the route plan for the city was drawn up. But it was necessary to do the opposite! ((After reading the video about this city in more detail, I now understand that there will be too few days for it, but we will try to invest in such a short time.) Here is my outline of the route …

My desire to see everything and immediately keeps my husband crazy, he just does not fit in his head, as it is possible to run the whole city in a short time. This time he again grabbed his head and was indignant. After all, we’ll go also in the most hellish time – in August. However, retreat is already impossible and it is necessary to spend time with advantage.

Well, let’s go!

First of all, I began to search for information about public transport (you have to move around the city on something). You can buy as one-off tickets, and buy Istambulkard. We weighed all the pros and cons, we stopped on the last option. Considering where and how much we will travel, it turned out that with this card will be cheaper. Moreover, it operates on most of public transport and it can be used by two.

1 day

  1. Arrival. Exchange of a small amount in the exchange office. Purchase Istanbul bricks.
  2. Since we arrive early in the morning, and we decided not to negotiate an early check-in, we have a whole lot of time to take a walk before settling in. Therefore, immediately go to get acquainted with the city. First of all we go to the station Aksaray. Firstly, it is located near the aqueduct of Valentine, and, secondly, there is no need to make an additional metro transplantation, which again will have to be paid.
  3. On the way to the aqueduct there will be a park in which you can relax from the flight and get the spirit for a further trip.
  4. Having made a photo on the background of the aqueduct and the panorama of the city, we will head to the Grand Bazaar, passing the street of Shekhzadebashi.
  5. After reading the reviews about local food points, found out that most of them open at 10-11 o’clock, which is not at hand. However, there are places that open at least seven and these places just near the famous market. Therefore, the Grand Bazaar remains for later, so as not to suddenly run out of saliva until we pass it.
  6. Walking along the Bazaar we go out into the street and inspect the mosques around it.
  7. We choose the direction to and make our way to the most popular sights of the city. If you first go to the Blue Mosque, then, walking up the street, you can see almost all the tourist points of the old city – Cisternu, Ayu-Sofia, Topkapi Palace …
  8. We booked a hotel in the old town, so somewhere around this time we will go to settle and rest.
  9. Then we will rush to the side of the Egyptian bazaar, famous for its magical aroma of spices.
  10. Immediately behind it is another one of the most important mosques in the country – Suleimaniye, as well as the Rustem Pasha Mosque.
  11. Then you can either make your way to the mosque of Mikhrimah Sultan, and then back to T-1 tram, or go to the Galata Bridge and enjoy the evening, eating fried fish, bought immediately by local fishermen, or just once again leisurely stroll around the world-famous creations , Admiring their new, even more charming night look.

2 day

I have matured two options for continuing to explore the luxurious Istanbul. At first I burned first, and then turned on my mind, remembered the possible heat, and decided that the second option was easier. And the main thing to the husband that it was not necessary to sweat strongly. Therefore, as we proceed, it remains a mystery, but we do not exclude either option.

1 option

  1. At T-1 we reach the wharf of Besiktas. And we go by ferry to the island of Byukady. It caught fire with them because these islands are very much praised by the reviews of tourists, and was pleased with the opportunity to buy. The schedule of ferries and ticket prices can be found in advance on the website
  2. From Byukady we go to the Bostanci dock to walk along the Asian side of the city.
  3. Further walk along the waterfront.
  4. We are looking for stopping the route Bostanci – Taksim and going to the first stop after crossing the bridge over the Bosphorus.
  5. We go along the street Dolmabahche and we go into the palace with the same name.
  6. Nearby is the Taksim Square, beloved by the locals, from which the pedestrian street Istiklal branches no less than praised and beloved.
  7. Then we go to the Galata tower and the Galata bridge, and then again a beautiful evening in a beautiful place.

Option 2

  1. Items 6-10 of the previous version are reversed.
  2. Then along the street going along the quay we get to the Galata bridge.
  3. We go to the pier Eminenu and at 14:30 we go on a short tour of the Bosphorus (of course, how much will the sun still burn). Departure can be found on the already known site. There are longer tours.
  4. If you want, you can think about walking on the Asian part. Or spend a relaxing evening enjoying the panorama of the city and Turkish coffee.

3 day

On the third day we have a departure home. Already at 14:30 we will be sitting on the plane. But before that, we will still have time to visit the oceanarium, which is only five kilometers from the airport.

The schedule of transport to the oceanarium can also be found on the website.

As far as my route was realized, I will tell when I arrive back. In the meantime, we can only hope that we will be full of impressions and there will be enough time for everything.

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