Often, before making the first trip abroad, people are very worried and think for a long time whether it is worth it to go at all. It seems like you want to see the world, but it’s terrible that you do not know how to behave and what to do in different situations.

In this article, I will try to touch on all the points that the newly-made tourist fears, and I’ll give you a few references that will help you overcome this fear.

The first thing that disturbs the calmness of a person who is going to leave his country for the first time is a language barrier.

The tendency to learn foreign languages ​​seems to be gaining momentum in our time, but with very little power. If young people now know anything in English (at least), then older generations may not know anything at all (do not remember). Therefore, before going to the same Turkey, everyone else will think several times: you need to somehow survive there.

Fortunately, the miracle of the Internet is of help to us. It is worthwhile in the search for a browser to type “English for Travel” and you will have a thousand variants of pages on which the necessary knowledge is located. You just need to give this lesson a little time and desire.

If it’s hard for you to work on your education, then you’ll have to spend a little more time and money. Most language courses provide an opportunity for intensive study of a particular language, and, as a rule, they are more suitable for people with an elementary level and wishing to travel “without borders.”

The second question, over which you can think for a long time: most travel or with a tour operator. There is no absolute answer: it depends on you. After all, someone is easier to make a tourist program himself, considering all his wishes. And someone wants to fuss as little as possible and just surrender to the hands of professionals.

However, if you decide to go yourself, then start preparing in advance to ponder and solve all the possible nuances that will not spoil your entire vacation. Start by listing the places that you would like to visit. Then, based on the time that you will have, from financial resources, from physical strength, decide how you will get to the destinations where you will stay, calculate the approximate amount that you need …

If you have not yet decided on an independent trip, then you will be happy to help travel agency. However, before you go to any of them, read more about the agency itself, find out the reviews. It is better if the agency name is known in your city or even in the country.

To find this or that travel agency, the Internet will also help you.

Let’s continue talking about those who, nevertheless, travel by themselves.

Further it is necessary to decide which country it is better to go to. It can depend on the climate of the country, the season, possible festivals and holidays. Similar information you can also find on the websites of travel agencies and in various forums where everything can be learned from the first person.

When you are already certain about the country and the time of the year, collect everything according to the weather, in order not to get cold or, conversely, not to overheat. Better not be too lazy to take a few sets of clothes than the whole vacation suffer from bad weather.

Now you need to decide on the transport that you will get.

If you are driving your car, you need to remember about such main things: insurance policy, SDA of a certain country and the availability of a navigator and a map. Remember that in every country there are (maybe even very minor) differences in the rules of the road traffic. Read them in advance so that no one is jeopardized or wasted money for fines and / or repairs.

As for the card, it is better to have it in paper version. After all, technology is a technique: it slows down, breaks down, buggy …

If you fly by plane, also book tickets in advance. As a rule, the earlier the reservation, the cheaper the ticket. It will also be cheaper if you buy tickets with transfers.

Determine at what time you prefer to fly, determine the class of seats, select an air carrier. Go to the airport nearest to you or to the air carrier’s website and book tickets.

Here are some links for reference: https://aviakassa.net/bronirovanie-aviabiletov, http://www.flyuia.com/rus/Information-and-services/destinations/book-flights-amds.html, http: // Www.bravoavia.com.ua/vg1/home.do, https: //ifly.ua/.

Make a list of attractions that you want to see. This is best done while still at home. Open the map, see the location of all the sights, make a certain route, count the approximate time spent on their contemplation.

It is better if you print out the city map and list of places. After all, it is not known whether there will be free (or, at least, paid) wy-fay, and how the Internet will behave in general.

Now we need to take care of the documents. In more detail, find out what documents are needed for a favorable border crossing so that your vacation does not end, never starting. Such information can be found on the websites of travel agencies, visa centers, passport offices, embassies …

We live in a civilized world where everyone respects each other. Therefore, it is worth to read in advance about the rules of behavior, traditions, the history of the country you are eating in order not to offend anyone and not embarrass yourself. And try to stick to the dress code of the visited country at least a little, so as not to disturb their peace of mind. After all, the more respectful your attitude is, the more foreigners will be friendly to you.

It remains to add everything you need: medicines, spare clothes and shoes, personal hygiene products, umbrella … Consider the characteristics of the country you are visiting and the rules of transportation of the carrier. Remember that in many countries the road is either lined with bricks, or even broken, which can damage your suitcase. Maybe it will not be superfluous to take another bag.

Collect the bag in advance to forget nothing. It is better then to pay extra, than to overpay abroad, buying what is forgotten.

Make insurance. Yes, it’s worth the money. But overseas treatment will cost you even more. Many companies provide this service, some even sell online. But, it is necessary to beware of scammers. In advance, read reviews about a particular company, or ask advice from experienced travelers. Https://axa-ukraine.com/en/insurance/travel-insurance/travel-insurance

If you have problems in a foreign country, you should call the police or contact the embassy. If you can find out the police number from any passer-by (or ask to call), then it is better to write down the embassy’s number in advance (preferably, if more than one copy).

Maybe I forgot to add some items to our list. But for everyone, each item is different. Therefore, proceed from your needs.

And … Have a good trip!

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