Most recently, I read Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad, Poor Dad. My opinion after reading has remained two-fold: it seems as if not a stupid person wrote it, sort of, how his example should push some thoughts to become better, but much contradicted my moral principles, which caused even a kind of disgust for everything written.
Of course, psychology is a delicate matter and it requires a lot of understanding in order to understand who thinks correctly and who does not. I do not argue, maybe I’m one of those weaklings and sloths who do not want to overstep some of the points, one who is afraid of taking risks and betting everything they need to live in a new way, but I, in any case, have the right to my opinion . And that’s what I understood for myself from this book: you have to be a complete egoist who knows how to spit at all from above, so that by any fate you can get money and power. Someone is suitable, some do not … We choose our own fate. The only thing I fully agree with is that every person should be maximally developed in the financial plan, so as not to be, sorry, loch for the more knowledgeable.

However, I did not live much and saw not so many businessmen to judge how the rules and clues of Kiyosaki are effective. In time, I’ll find out. In the meantime, I decided to postpone some quotes from this book to occasionally reread. And what if something of this happens and my opinion changes?

I would very much like to know the opinion of others: Has this book alone made me angry? But, if you are a supporter of everything written in this book, then I will be happy to try to understand the opposite side. Perhaps this book has changed your life for the better. I await your comments! In the meantime, enjoy (if it is) quotations from the book …

“If you can not make a decision quickly, then all the same you will not be able to learn how to make money. Opportunities appear and disappear. If you know how to make decisions quickly, it’s very good. “

“If you learn the lessons of life, everything will be fine with you. If not, life will continue to beat you. People usually do one of two things: either allow life to poke themselves, or get angry and begin to resist it. But they resist the boss, work, husband or wife. They do not understand what beats their life, and not these specific people. “

“Life beats everyone. But some give up, but others resist. And only a few learn the lesson and go further. Such people are happy with the blows of life. For them, each stroke means that they need to learn something new. They learn and move on. Most simply give up, and some – like you – are fighting. “

“… if you do not have a rod, you’ll just give up every time life starts to pressure you. If you are such a person, then you will live the whole life by the rules, doing everything right, you will be saving yourself for an event that will not happen. And then you die a boring old man. You will have a lot of friends who will love you very much, because you were such a wonderful and hard-working guy. You’ve only worked for life and for the rest of your life. But actually you were just scared when life started to beat you, and let her push her around. In the depths of your soul, you were afraid to take risks. In fact, you wanted to win, but the fear of defeat was always stronger than the joy of victory. “

“If you understand that the problem is in you, you can change yourself, learn something and become wiser. Most people expect that everyone else in the world will change, but not themselves. And I’ll tell you that it’s easier to change yourself than to change everyone else. “

“… most people cling to their work because of fear. Because of the fear that they will not be able to pay their bills. Because of the fear that they will be fired. Because of the fear that they will not have enough money. That they will have to start all over again. This is the price they pay for learning a profession and starting to work for money. Most people become slaves to money … and begin to get angry at their master. “

“It is peculiar for a person to wish for something better, more beautiful, fun, or interesting. That’s why desire is another reason why people work for money. They want money for the pleasure that they think they can buy for them. But the pleasure that money brings is usually short-lived, and soon they need to have more money to get even more fun, comfort, security. Therefore, they continue to work, thinking that money will calm their souls, tormented by fear and desire. But money can not do it. “

“… many rich people are rich not because of desire, but because of fear. They think that money can save them from fear of poverty, so they make huge fortunes. But as a result, their fear only increases, because now they are afraid of losing their wealth. “

“If you are afraid of being left without money, you do not have to rush to find a job that will give you a couple of dollars to eliminate this fear. Instead, you can simply ask yourself the question: “Will the work be the best solution to the problem from the perspective of a long-term perspective?” “

“Most people have fear and greed working against them. Hence the beginning of ignorance. Fear and desire make people spend their entire lives chasing after earnings, bonuses and benefits, without thinking about where these emotion-driven thoughts will lead them. They look like a donkey pulling a cart, because the owner is holding a carrot on a stick in front of his nose. Perhaps the owner goes where he needs, but the donkey is chasing the illusion! And tomorrow a donkey will have a new carrot. “

“We take a decision every day and every minute – to close or open our minds for a new one. Once a person stops looking for new information and looking inward, he becomes ignorant. “

“If in schools people were taught how to handle money correctly, there would be more money in the country and lower prices. But schools tend to teach people to work for money, and not to use the power of money. “

“If you are ready to show flexibility, remain open to new ideas, change will make you richer. But if you believe that all your problems will solve money, I’m afraid you will have, very not sweet. Without financial ability, money disappears very quickly. “

“If you want to be rich, that’s all you need to know. This is the first and only rule. Perhaps it seems absurd to you simple, but most people do not even suspect how important it is. “

“Asset is what brings money into my pocket. The passive is what takes the money out of my pocket.

And that’s all you need to know. If you want to get rich, just try to always buy assets. If you want to be a representative of the poor or middle class, buy your life all your life. “

“A well-developed mind can almost instantly create enormous wealth. An undeveloped mind can generate extreme poverty, which can be inherited from generation to generation. “

“Unfortunately, most people do not become rich simply because they are very afraid of losing. The winners are not afraid of losing. Failure is an integral part of the process of achieving success. People who avoid failures avoid success. “

“The most important special skills are the ability to sell and the knowledge of marketing techniques. If you know how to sell, then you know how to communicate with other people, whether it’s a client, an employee, a boss, a spouse or a child. This is the basic skill necessary for a person to succeed. “

“Even those who faithfully study and become financially literate can face serious obstacles to financial independence.”

“… criticism dazzles, and analysis, on the contrary, opens eyes. The analysis allows the winners to see the shortsightedness of critics and to notice opportunities missed by all others. The ability to find something that others do not notice is the universal key to success. “

“The problem is that our financial genius is fast asleep and waiting to be awakened. He sleeps because in our culture people are taught to see in the love of money the root of all evil. We are trained in the professions so that we can work for money, but do not show how to make money work for oneself. “

“Stop doing what you are doing now. In other words, take a break and try to assess what works for you and what does not. Pure madness do the same and hope for a different result. Stop doing things that do not work, and find something new. “

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