You can add a conservative cut from your tight dress or turn a modest satin sheath into a sexy dress by adding a large incision along one or both side seams. Transforming your dress in this way is a simple process that can take less than 30 minutes and does not require a preliminary sewing experience.

Here’s how it’s done.
What will you need?

Sewing Needle



Put the dress turned inside out on the work surface. Find a place on the dress where the edge meets the side seam and make a cut on the left and right side of one side seam with a steamer.


Put the end of the soft roulette in the bottom edge. Measure the length of the cut you want. Make a small mark on the fabric with chalk to set the desired length.


Open the side seam of the steamer to the mark on the fabric.


Again, evenly lay the dress on a flat surface so that wrinkles do not form on it.


Sew along each edge of the cut with an even stitch. If necessary, sew the bottom edges.


Repeat these steps on the other side seam if you want to add another cut.

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