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How to clean table silver

Table silver looks very nice in the kitchen. However, over time it has the property of blackening. The reason for this may be increased humidity, and proximity to metals "enemies" and much more. You can clean silver products both with the help of special cleaning products, which can be purchased in the Internet or in a silver store, and with the help of improvised tools. If you do not want to spend time searching for a special tool, then here are some tips for how to restore the former glory to your table silver without leaving home. (more…)

House and way of life

How to clean the carpet

Carpet is a floor covering that has a fleecy surface. Care for this coating should be frequent and accurate. Initially, you should avoid eating in rooms with carpet, do not walk shod and do not allow children to organize a circle. Skillful handles. But, even if you are super careful, you can not avoid carpet contamination. And so it, like any part of the house, you need to periodically clean it. And here are some tips on how to do it .... (more…)

House and way of life

How to wash stuffed toys

Stuffed toys for children - not just a means for an interesting pastime. This is your favorite toy, and the heroes of your favorite fairy tales, which are always there, and even your best friends. Soft toys always participate not only in the story-role games of the child, but also real life. Therefore, they get dirty very quickly, becoming a peddler of microbes and infections for children. To stuffed toys as little harm as possible brought to your children, they need to be washed often. However, you need to adhere to some recommendations, so as not to send a friend of your child to the next world. (more…)

House and way of life

How to remove a stain from bird droppings on clothes

In some regions, there is a sign that if a bird pours on a person, then it's for him to money. So it or not - this, most likely, depends on luck and coincidence. But, that definitely definitely can be said, stains from droppings can spoil your mood and your clothes. Here are a few simple steps that will help remove the litter on clothes and restore the neatness of your outfit. (more…)

House and way of life

Proper care of down jackets

Due to its quality and durability, down jackets have for many years been considered the best protection against frost in both women and men. The natural fluff from which the down jackets are made allows your body to "breathe" and maintain a favorable temperature both in warm and cold weather, avoiding overheating and overcooling. However, you need to know some simple rules for the care of down jackets, so that your favorite product has served you as many seasons as possible. (more…)