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Потрясающая Барселона

Барселона - это город, который (не преувеличивая) удивляет своей красотой, своей энергией каждого, кто его посещает. Это город, которым хочется наслаждаться, не теряя времени на сон и еду. Это город, в котором просто хочется остаться навсегда! (more…)


Cairo is a city of sandy air

To visit Egypt and not to visit Cairo, near the pyramids - a crime against himself. In this city you can fully see, feel, can even understand the life of modern Egyptians, touch the centuries-old creations of human hands and admire the grandiose miracle of the world. (more…)


Should we go on vacation to Hurghada?

Everyone has heard of Hurghada: those who have already visited Egypt, and those who are just planning to go there, and those who simply know people who have visited this super tourist country. It is a city of huge hotels, "all inclusive" and, of course, the delightful beauty of the sea. But is this city so beautiful to spend your vacation on it ?! (more…)


Athens is a city that needs a reboot

Athens is a city in which the spirit of the divine beginning, the great history, the mighty power of revival is hovering. It is a city that has not once fallen and risen, proving its strength, power and faith in a great future. Even today, still recovering from economic decline, this city is ready to prove its greatness and the right to special attention in this world. (more…)

Сities of Ukraine

Zaporozhye – the city of the island Khortytsya

The city of Zaporozhye is a bright imprint on the history of Ukraine. It is here, on the Dnipro River, is the glorious island of Khortytsya, where the centuries-old events of the Cossacks lived and worked. However, long before the formation of the Zaporozhye Sich, this locality was interested in different nationalities in order to get a place with an excellent climate for the development of agricultural activities. (more…)